Our psychological, philosophical and spiritual freedom lies within.

Some, intrigued by what is being pointed to in these messages, ask: ‘That’s all well and good, but how do I access The Realm of Possibility? Give me some instructions for how I can do that.’

The following is not an instruction. There are no instructions. What follows is a signpost pointing to what many seek – our mental, psychological, philosophical and spiritual freedom.

The courage to live, love, succeed or fail – to be who we are without fear or favour.


Beyond all the rewarding aspects of our life – any immoral acts we may commit, our indifference to others’ plight, our life-long accumulation of this, that and the other – laying patiently in wait for us exists The Realm of Possibility.

Beyond our conditioned mind, our thousands of thoughts about how life is or should be, according to us – our self-created illusion that we experience as our truth – exists our freedom.

Looking beyond our knowns, our certainties about how life is or must be, and into the unknown – our yet-to-be-seen – we discover life afresh; we see Possibility.

In entering that Realm, we realise our spiritual freedom. We get a fresh start.

We realise our ego – our lifelong accumulation of our beliefs, opinions, judgements, and knowledge – has blocked us from seeing into The Realm of Possibility, meeting and becoming our true selves.

At that point, we see our innocence and the innocence in all humanity.


We may have glimpsed that Realm – enabling us to write a novel, compose music, build a business, design buildings, discover cures, invent, or set a new world record.

But not deep enough to experience, to become aware of, the unconditional love, understanding, wisdom, and common sense at our core – the depth of insight needed to transform us into an unconditional contributor of our ‘true selves’.

Surrendering fully to the yet-to-be-seen is when we see beyond, to become aware of, our current state of impossibility – our existing, limiting reality. Shedding all our injunctions, whatever they may be – without exception.

And there is a trap in seeing into The Realm of Possibility. The trap is that if we start believing what we discover is ‘the truth,’ it becomes our new state of impossibility.

That happens to many who have a born-again experience, returning us to becoming believers once more – just a different set of beliefs – that can make us as ridged and hard-hearted as before our experience.

Some become fanatical, and some turn into terrorists – hating and killing those of a different belief.

When you, me, or anyone surrenders fully to not knowing, we enter The Realm of Possibility, seeing beyond all beliefs.

And, if we are willing to continue not to know, we re-enter that Realm, be reborn again and again, and live with unconditional kindness, understanding, wisdom and common sense.

That state, I suggest, might be what Jesus meant when saying: ‘The kingdom of God is within’.

Understanding what you’ve just read at your heart level is a starting point to looking to the unknown.

Our challenge in seeing afresh is becoming aware of and surrendering our accumulation of beliefs, opinions, judgements and knowledge – our false selves appearing real.

And a reminder: your world, the world, will only change if you do, and you only change to the degree that you are aware ‘that you think’ and that ‘what you are thinking’ is your reality – for good, bad, and indifferent.

Warmly … John