The Realm of Possibility

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So what is ‘Possibility’?

The following overview offers you a brief introduction to the Realm of Possibility.

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Possibility … what a wonderful word it is!

Possibility or impossibility occupies our consciousness in each moment by what we see or see – hear or hear.

Possibility or impossibility is the raw material of our daily lives, creating our reality from either state.

We are creating our personal reality every moment, forming a continuous and ever-moving and evolving reality. You are doing it right now. Think about that …

Yes, we create our personal world – our personal reality – in each moment. Not through someone else, not through outside events, not from how much money we have in the bank, not by our state of health; it is our thinking, independent of our circumstances.

Let’s change that sentence a little. Let’s say that our reality is what we create, moment by moment, using the gift of Thought.

Our world is what we are thinking and feeling right now; it is uniquely ours.

No matter how hard I try, I cannot create your world. I can try to influence it. I can try to help you think and feel differently about it – but in no way at all can I change or create your world. I cannot change the way you think and feel about life.

The way you think about life is the way life is for you in each unfolding moment. It is your potential and your momentary state of Possibility or impossibility.

When we wake up to the simple but profound reality that ‘we think into existence our reality’, we experience a shift in consciousness that has us more aware and more alive than ever before.

There’s nothing mystical here. It’s simply a shift in our awareness – us operating with greater clarity, greater insight, at a new level, perhaps for the first time. It is us seeing what is!

The deliciousness of creating freshness is experienced in moments when we see our partners, our children and grandchildren, our friends, our colleagues, the world, as if for the first time.

The illusion of our memories, expectations, history and bias (one way or the other) is what hides others from us and blocks us from seeing who they really are, in a new, fresh moment.

When we hold ourselves and others responsible for life being the way it is – when we look to upbringing, environment, past mistakes or experiences – we are lost in our story. Moreover, we are blinded to our deeper reality of Possibility.

Re-creating our experience in each new moment from our lifelong accumulation of ideas as to why life is the way it is, and others are the way they are, is seeing life from a state of impossibility. It is our rationale for the way life is. Living from that illusion is our false ‘truth of the matter’.

We are busy using our past experiences to make sense of our life and put it in the order we believe it should be in, and when we do that we simply continue to live out our story – our beliefs, opinions and judgements – nothing more, nothing less. Nothing changes. We are simply projecting our past forward into our future.

Reasons and rationales, however compelling, are figments of our imagination. They are the story we have methodically or haphazardly created to try to make sense of our momentary experience, which we call our life.

Once we see Possibility, we see people like you and me who have learned habits, habits that could be described as unrecognised disabilities. I say ‘disabilities’ because we don’t see that they are self-created boundaries to fresh discovery, creativity, direct action and a deeper understanding of our true self … our loving nature.

Neither you nor I needs to accept that we must remain limited by our conditioning, gender, culture or circumstance.

On this journey of discovery, we must first acquire an understanding: that we already possess a deeper intelligence beyond the limitations of our memory, beyond everything about which we deceive ourselves, beyond believing that life is what we have believed it to be.

Do we want to remain a prisoner of a finite past? Alternatively, would we rather see and experience the wonderful world of infinite Possibility and experience our innate love, understanding, wisdom and common sense?

Possibility is just a thought away.

Consider taking the three-day, not-for-profit Possibility Workshop for experiential guidance to accessing original Thought.