The Business of Possibility

Re-imagining your organisation – revealing the essence of the entrepreneur


The Business of Possibility marks a paradigm shift in business and, equally, in all types of organisations. It is one of the most ground-breaking works in its field since In Search of Excellence by Peters and Waterman, published almost 40 years ago. This is a guidebook that explains how leaders of all businesses and organisations – regardless of size, nature and goals – can change their worldview and create both successful and sustainable organisations in service to the common good.

It encourages you to take your own journey of deepening, or re-discovering, your innate transformative state – your own state of Possibility. In this state, creativity and innovation flow freely, relationships flourish and the common good is served.

Seeing Possibility is the state of mind you experience when envisioning a breakthrough idea that can, if it’s your intention, transform your business or organisation – and your life.

In this guide, John A. Wood recounts instances from his life of seeing Possibility, and the impact these instances had on his business and on the lives of many of his colleagues, clients and his industry.

He explains, what Possibility is and what it is not, and shows how you too can see it.

He demonstrates the value of seeing beyond your certainty that you know ‘how it is’ or that you know ‘the truth of the matter’, and he celebrates the freedom that seeing Possibility can give you.

When seen, Possibility will re-cast your approach to life, business, family, relationships.

The Business of Possibility guides you on a journey that will benefit all of us.