The purpose of this group is simple: to see and be influenced by The Realm of Possibility and the distinction between that state and our conditioned mind – our state of impossibility.

Participation is available to those who:

  • Have attended the 3-day Possibility Workshop-Retreat or
  • Have attended a previous program or had coaching sessions
  • Read and found value in the books Possibility … a state of mind or The Business of Possibility … reimagining your organisation
  • Have had previous experience with the Three Principles

The focus will be on personal and professional self-development – without dogma, ritual, or ridged rules – the group sessions will provide opportunities to:

  1. Deepen your exploration of The Realm of Possibility and understanding of the human experience
  2. Gain inspiration from other explorers of Possibility
  3. To deepen your experience of inner peace, creativity and personal freedom

The Development Group will meet for between 2 and 3 hours on a Saturday afternoon, once per month.

While there are clear intentions and preparation behind the program and each session, it will be a very relaxed undertaking in a very comfortable setting. It will be exploratory, not didactic in style.

WHEN: The second Saturday of each month, for 11 months.

START DATE: Saturday, 17 February 2024

FINISH DATE: Saturday, 14 December 2024.

TIME: 12.30 pm to no later than 3.30 pm.

VENUE: John and Ronnie Wood’s home in Darlington – or if you prefer you can participate via Zoom. In-person is a more powerful experience but Zoom works well. Some participants mix the two experiences.

REFRESHMENTS: Tea and coffee will be available during a fifteen-minute break but bring your own snack if coming to Darlington.

FEES: The participation fee is $30 per session, paid in full on registration as a $330 tax-deductible donation to The Realm of Possibility Not for Profit Foundation. We request  the 11 months payment in advance to help defray the Foundation’s operating costs. The $30 session fee will apply to all missed sessions.

TO REGISTER:  Please click here: Possibility Development Groups – The Realm of Possibility

QUESTIONS: For any questions, you are most welcome to phone me directly on 0427 466 960

I do hope you’re interested in participating in this transformative approach. Your world, the world, needs what you innately have to offer.

Warmly … John

PS – For insights into the coaching approach, please visit this page on our website: