Possibility … a state of mind

The Guide


This is a book full of insights … a compelling, honest and challenging guide.

Start a new journey to re-discovering your innate transformative state – your own state of Possibility!

Possibility … a state of mind encourages you to take your own journey of deepening, or re-discovering, your innate transformative state – your own state of Possibility.

Seeing Possibility transcends the concept of ‘positive thinking’. Seeing Possibility is the superhighway you travel when manifesting any original idea seen in your mind’s eye.

It may be a work of art, an invention or new business venture, a new app or, most importantly, a transformed life and relationships.

In this guide, John recounts instances from his life of seeing Possibility, and the impact these instances had on his life, as well as on the lives of his clients.

He explains how you too can see Possibility; what it might and might not be; the benefit of letting go of thinking you know ‘the truth’; the freedom that seeing Possibility can give you; and how, when seen, it can re-cast how you see life, and re-new your communications, relationships, business, family and vocational life for your own and, most importantly, the common good.

He demonstrates that, when playing ‘The Game of Living’ – which includes the Religious Game, the Marriage Game, Nationalistic Game, the Political Game, the Family Game, the Career, Business and Commercial Game, the Sporting Game, and the so-called Spiritual Game – if played from the perspective of love, understanding, wisdom and common sense experienced in the realm of Possibility, you can truly embrace every aspect of your life.

In this state, you – like John – can see a world in which we are kind and understanding towards one another, where a sense of fairness and decency, wisdom and common sense governs all our decisions at work and at play.


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