Living Possibility


Writers, commentators and leaders from all walks of life have explained with great precision and in various ways the parlous state of humanity and the natural world. However, beyond that state of impossibility exists Possibility – a mind in which we function at a higher level of awareness. A state where we are indiscriminately in service to each other, the common good – all of nature.

A state where we see that we are not separate from but one with life; where we become aware that we are Life.

What’s missing, however, is our conscious understanding of the source of the human-created and prescribed conditions, which are imposed on ourselves, other sentient creatures, and nature in its entirety. In understanding this spanner in the works, we see how to transform ourselves and be in harmony with ourselves, with each other, and with the essence of life.

Living Possibility is a handbook that encourages you to see a world where we live from this Possibility.

John demonstrates that our relationship with ourselves determines the quality of our relationships with others, and with the world at large. To the degree that our relationship with ourselves is kind, understanding and imbued with wisdom and common sense, it follows that how we think and feel about all else will be, to that same degree, also seen through that prism.

Living Possibility … in harmony with yourself, others and the essence of life guides you on a journey that explains the source and solution to the day-to-day upsets that ail us all and how when we see from Possibility, we can transform and be in harmony with ourselves, with each other and with the essence of life.