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The Retreat's Aim

The Retreat aims to assist all participants (including the facilitator) in seeing Possibility, thus creating a new future for themselves.

The written guide you will have received has many abstractions, but the Workshop is relentlessly practical and experiential. You’ll be exploring Possibility in the company of fellow explorers.

It is made available for those looking for the doorway through which to step.

The specific aim over the two days is transformation.

The purpose is for you to leave with a more profound experience of Possibility or perhaps a conscious experience of Possibility for the first time.

At the very least, you will come away:

• With a deeper awareness of listening to yourself, others, and life.

• With more understanding of yourself and, therefore, of others and, consequently, a stronger feeling of kindness and a heightened level of understanding, wisdom and common sense.

• Better able to make a loving difference in your relationships by being present and available.

• Better prepared, by your presence, to bring others together in a way that nurtures their spirit and helps open their hearts and minds to Possibility.

• As a wiser woman walking down the street or a more understanding man standing in line at the checkout.

• Being a human being that the world desperately needs at this time in history.


The Realm of Possibility Project Foundation offers the Retreat.

As the Foundation is not-for-profit. The costs cover the expenses plus a small amount ($40) to our operations. We give our time for free.

Costs vary depending on the venue and whether you want accommodation. We encourage participants to stay at the venue if possible.

The program runs from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.

What is John Wood’s role in the Possibility Retreat?

If a Retreat participant is there to transform themselves – or their relationship, career, business or organisation – John acts as the guide.

In his words, ‘I’m a signpost pointing participants to their innate world of Possibility. That’s all.’

The Realm of Possibility Retreat: A primer for a loving, peaceful, powerful and creative life Transforming yourself transforms your world.

We offer The Realm Possibility Retreat to anyone who, having read one of our four books, is interested in participating in a three-day workshop to explore the power of Possibility with a guide.

We create our reality every moment and form a continuous, ever-moving, evolving reality. You are doing it right now. Think about that.

Changing the wording a little: our reality is what we create, moment by moment, from the gift of Thought. Our world is what we think and feel; it is uniquely ours.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t create your world. I can try to influence it. I can try to help you think and feel differently about it – but in no way at all can I change or create your reality. I can’t change the way you think and feel about life.

How you think about life is how life is for you in each unfolding moment.

How you show up in your life (serious mental impairment aside) reflects your state of mind, influenced by your state of Possibility or impossibility.

When we awaken to the simple but profound reality that we think into existence, we experience a shift in consciousness that makes us more aware and alive than ever.

There’s nothing mystical here. It’s simply a shift in our awareness – us operating with greater clarity, greater insight, and at that new level, perhaps for the first time. It is us seeing what is.

We experience the deliciousness of creating a fresh perspective when we see our partners, children and grandchildren, friends, colleagues, clients, and everyone, as if for the first time.

The illusion of our memories, expectations, history and biases (one way or the other) that stopped us from seeing who they are in each new, fresh moment evaporates.

Holding others or our circumstances responsible for our life being the way it is – believing our upbringing, environment, or past mistakes are the reasons we are not happy – we are lost in our story and blinded to Possibility.

Re-creating our experience in each moment from our lifelong accumulation of ideas about why life is the way it is, and others are at cause in the way it is for us, is seeing life from a state of impossibility. It is our unrecognised rationale for the way life is.

We are busy using our past experiences to make sense of our lives and put them in the order we believe they should be. When we do that, we continue to live out our story – our beliefs, opinions, judgements and knowledge – nothing more, nothing less.

Nothing changes. We are simply projecting our past forward into our future. Reasons and rationales, however compelling, are figments of our imagination. They are the stories we have methodically or haphazardly created to try to make sense of our momentary experiences, which we call our lives.

Once we see Possibility, we see people like you and me who have learned habits that we could describe as unrecognised disabilities. I say disabilities because we don’t see them as self-created boundaries to fresh discovery, creativity, direct action and a deeper understanding of our true self – our loving nature.

We need not accept that we must remain as we believe our conditioning, gender or culture has shaped us.

On this journey of discovery, we first need to understand that we already possess a deeper intelligence beyond the limitations of our memory, beyond everything about which we deceive ourselves, and beyond believing that life is what we believe it to be.

The questions we need to ask ourselves: Do we want to remain a prisoner of a finite past? Or would we rather see and experience the world of infinite Possibility?

The Realm of Possibility is just a thought away.


We welcome the participation of individuals who are interested in seeing Possibility, not only for themselves, but for society and humanity as a whole.

• It might be for those who want to jump off the treadmill in their mind.

• It might be for those who want to see the following:

o Their children and grandchildren living in a world at peace with
o World religions are congruent with what their founder saw – a world of kindness, understanding, wisdom and common sense, not divisiveness and separation.

o A quickening towards environmental sustainability.

o Politicians increasingly serve their constituents rather than themselves and narrow interest groups.

o Sustainable agricultural practices and adequate poison-free food and water supplies are available globally.

o Schools are places of discovery, liberty and Possibility – rather than houses of robotic learning, restraint and narrow ideology-based thinking.

o Universities are places that encourage free thinkers, free thinking and Possibility. Independent of global corporations pushing their particular financial interests. Separating ideological and political correctness from the left, right or centre, imbuing kindness, understanding, wisdom and common sense.

o Their businesses become profitable but not at the expense of their community or the environment and are vital contributors to the common good.

• It might be for people with a social conscience who want to be powerful, peaceful vanguards.

• Those who wish to clarify their thinking, their purpose and actions.

• It is for individuals who want to transform from prisoners of problematic thinking to architects of sustainable solutions.

• It might be for farmers, market gardeners, doctors, lawyers, teachers, plumbers, carpenters, mechanics, and people from every walk of life who want to create communities increasingly reflecting human decency.

• It’s certainly for those who want and are willing to take responsibility and be accountable for every nook and cranny of their life.

• It’s certainly for those who want to take power back from the imaginary ‘them’ and want to live in a society that understands that we (you and I) are 100 per cent responsible for creating crime, unemployment and homelessness.

• It is for us who recognise that we are responsible for the marginalised and disadvantaged, the degradation and pollution of the environment, the taxpayer subsidies for unsustainable commercial practices and growing welfare dependency, the full jails and overflowing surgeries and hospitals.

• It’s certainly for those who see that they are 100 per cent responsible for what is happening right now and see creating a new future, a just, sustainable, kind, welcoming, hospitable, inclusive, more fun-filled society.

• It’s undoubtedly for those willing to turn their thinking upside-down and inside-out and recognise that, for better or worse, we are the creators of what we see and the reality we experience, either seeing from impossibility or seeing from Possibility.

• It’s for those who understand that we don’t have to fix ‘them’ but wake up to what we have created and re-create our transformed future.

• It’s for anyone willing to break out of their trance and see that we are them. And that we can transform our lives, families, workplaces, neighbourhoods, country, and the world.

• It’s for people who want to reclaim their streets, neighbourhoods, suburbs and cities as places of community and peace.

• It’s for people who already understand that the world can be a happier, healthier and more sustainable place for this and future generations.

• It’s for people wanting to see and be part of the transformation by letting go of their past to create a future of Possibility.

The Retreat welcomes and encourages the participation of private-sector organisations, Government Agencies and N.G.O.s.

Your objectives may be to seek the following:

• a reduction in alcohol and drug use,

• a reduction in domestic violence,

• an increase in homeless people finding accommodation,

• more Aboriginal people healthy and happy.

• an increase in disadvantaged youth in education and employment,

• an increase in poor men and women finding support and community,

• more people with disabilities welcomed into advantaged society,

• more offenders rehabilitated rather than punished.

We welcome the participation of individuals interested in seeing Possibility, not only for themselves but for society and humanity as a whole.

It may be that you want to see a way to achieve the following:

• A fairer, kinder and more just workplace.

• From a society dominated by power and control to one that values freedom of expression and decency.

• Increasing numbers of entrepreneurs creating employment and thus less dependence on taxpayer-funded welfare subsidies.

• A naturally occurring and sustainable redistribution of wealth from a growing minority to an increasing majority.

• Work that is fun and financially rewarding.

It’s for those who want to move from a consumption-driven, credit-based, increasingly debt-dependent, seemingly never-satisfied materialistic lifestyle to one featuring greater simplicity, sustainability and inclusion.

Is this Retreat for you?


Upon enrolment, each participant will receive a copy of A World of Possibility … recreating the world in which we relate, create, live, work and play as pre-retreat reading.

Come prepared to engage. Come ready to discover for yourself what Possibility looks and feels like.

There will be limited teaching, lecturing, handouts or discussion.

Each day we will reflect on a series of questions created to assist you to see into the way you think and to see into and beyond your answers. There are no right or wrong answers to the questions we will pose. The answers will reflect each person’s separate reality and, we trust, be your stepping stone to seeing Possibility.

We will likely respond with a question to all questions (except those seeking clarification). You already have all the answers to solve what puzzles you. We will keep pointing you toward your innate connection with Possibility.

These two days will be no armchair ride. We will facilitate the process assuming you are in self-discovery mode and not looking for more second-hand information. You already have enough of that.

This Retreat is a time to reclaim your power as an equal among equals, exploring your mind and the unlimited power of Possibility.

Each person will be respected as an equal amongst equals.

But be warned. We have no idea how these two days will work out or if a single attendee will see into The Realm of Possibility.

We mean that. We offer no guarantees.


We have no idea how this time with us will work out, or if a single attendee will see authentic Possibility within their mind. We mean that. We offer no guarantees. We can assure you that we will treat you as a respected human being, equal in every way. You will be truly an equal among equals.


We will:
• Treat you as an important guest, and our hospitality will include wholesome foods, deliciously prepared – you will not go hungry,

• not ask you to do anything other than be part of the primary group and be with others in small break-out groups,

• not ask you to give more than a five-second introduction of yourself – e.g. ‘I’m John Wood from Darlington’ – or you can pass on introducing yourself,

• not ask you why you are here or what you want to gain from attending,

• provide each person with a name badge with their first name shown.

Our priority is the safety and inclusion of everyone. We will be vigilant throughout the three days to ensure everyone feels safe exploring their inner world.

Listed below are some obstructions to seeing Possibility, the habits that most of us innocently employ in living our lives. These keep us stuck in our conditioning, in impossibility.

For the duration of the Workshop, we will ask that you let go of the following:

• advising anyone on anything, even if asked,

• coaching anyone, even if asked,

• telling parts or all of your story or anyone else’s story, even if asked,

• answering for anyone else, even if asked,

• giving the small or large group your opinions, beliefs and judgements, or the benefits of your knowledge, even if asked,

• correcting anything you think, hear or see is out of place, including any breaches of these requests, even if asked,

• note-taking, as doing so is a block to seeing Possibility. Remember, this is about seeing Possibility, not learning another method, system, technique or practice.

Any exceptions to the above will only be to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone.

We will invest each hour in posing questions created to assist you in seeing that you think, and what you think, the way you think, and beyond your conditioned thinking and into the yet-to-be-seen.

There are no right or wrong answers; the answers will reflect each person’s separate reality and, we trust, be a steppingstone to you seeing Possibility.

As exploration and self-discovery, rather than ‘learning’, are the key objectives, we utilise the ‘vertical inquiry’ questioning process.

The group will be limited to 20 participants. Fifteen will be required for the process to work well and for the group to advance.


The distinction between being taught and the self-discovery process we employ is this: ‘being taught’ is gaining knowledge from another source and is, by definition, second-hand information.

As well-informed and essential as that information might be, it is another person’s discovery.

Our aim is for you to make your discoveries. We can gather knowledge about and around Possibility, but the experience of seeing Possibility is unlikely to be had from second-hand information.

As mentioned, the Guide you will be given on registration, but self-discovery seen via original Thought is yours. You own it! You can rightfully claim 100 per cent ownership of whatever you find within the clear space of your mind. Those insights come from your innate capacity for experiencing original Thought and is yours for life.

Although an unshakeable, deep-seated understanding it is still not ‘the truth’.

Instead, it’s the result of you seeing Possibility in that moment.

There is always and will always be more to see.

Please visit our website for information on the next Possibility Workshop.

I would love to meet you there … John

Please consider joining us at the next Realm of Possibility Workshop.

I would love to meet you there … John