Strategic Vision

The Realm of Possibility Project’s vision is to foster and support an enlightened and sustainable future for all humanity, planet Earth and its flora and fauna.

Our Strategic Plan sets out the direction – and the means – to achieve this vision.

We encourage you to read, share and print our Strategic Plan.

We hope that it inspires you to engage with us and this Project.




‘Few would deny humanity faces existential threats.

Our world is unsafe – environmentally, economically, and sociologically.

Unintended consequences from our technologically advanced society are contributing to a future for all sentient beings and for nature that is not assured.

The problems we face are systemic.

These threats notwithstanding, humanity has the collective power to bequeath a sustainable, stable and life-supporting world to our children and future generations.

It is clear that our current ways of redressing those threats are inadequate.

We need a systemic approach, which this document puts forward.

The Realm of Possibility Project’s vision is to foster and support a systemic, enlightened approach to achieving a sustainable future.

This declaration sets out a direction and an approach with which we hope you, upon investigation, will want to engage.

It is an approach whereby individuals, families, private- and public-sector organisations and governments recognise how we create and sustain ourselves and our environment or work against that stable, sustainable state.

Humanity faces two options:

1) Continue along the low road that we are on, or

2) wake up, reset and take the high road – i.e., serving the common good and redressing what ails the world.’

– John Wood, 2014



We see a future where our children and future generations live in an environmentally, economically and socially life-supporting world, where kindness, understanding, wisdom and common sense prevail.


To fulfil our VISION by facilitating and fostering community understanding of what is behind the simple words ‘Possibility’ and ‘impossibility’ and how these two states of mind determine how we see or see reality and create our world.


Each of us independently will pursue our collective PURPOSE around the sustainability of our total environment by looking in the direction of our innate Realm of Possibility, embracing the spirit of kindness, understanding, wisdom and common sense that imbues our thinking, feelings and actions upon seeing into that reality.


The Realm of Possibility Project is a non-partisan, apolitical, not-for-profit, charitable Foundation offering tax deductibility for donations made within Australia.

We offer a service to individuals and organisations of all political convictions, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations and philosophical views: to redress what ails society via the quality of human thinking and our use of Thought. That is the genesis of what ails humanity in every aspect of our lives – environmentally, economically and socially.

The evidence of widespread environmental devastation, economic imbalances, social ill-will, addiction, hatred, violence and war clearly shows that humanity is not at peace with itself.

The cause: We are misusing the gift that makes us human: our unique capacity to think.

Transforming the prevailing trend is possible with widespread, concerted, ongoing facilitation in seeing a fresh way forward.

With our limited understanding of how we create our reality and world, we add daily to the sum of human distress and, potentially, to the destruction of our habitats and societies.

Our individual and collective lack of awareness threatens the sustainability of our planet and, thus, our lives. That deficiency is global, currently unyielding, and seemingly increasing.

Looking within, we see and understand what living our life from Possibility or impossibility means to us, our families, neighbours, communities and nations. As a result, we see with fresh eyes our lives and our relationships – including with the planet, all sentient beings and the totality of nature.


Our MISSION is three-fold:

  1. To demonstrate the relationship between the quality of our thinking, attitudes and behaviour towards our natural environment and our fellow sentient beings.
  2. To encourage each other in this understanding and in taking personal responsibility and accountability for the state of our relationship with ourselves, our families, our organisations – private and public, our community, other nations, and, critically,  the natural world.
  3. To assist and encourage others in seeingPossibility, in contrast to seeing only impossibility, and thereby understand how we, you and I, transform our relationships for the benefit of the common good and the sustainability of our planet.


In honouring our DECLARATION, The Realm of Possibility Project will provide a rallying point as a credible resource and multi-faceted communications centre for seeing Possibility and achievable outcomes.

Our key aim is to point in the direction of Possibility and thus positively influence the community on:

  1. The cause of humankind’s dysfunction – our poor use of the gift of Thought – with too many of us living in the effect of that, i.e. our impossibility thinking, feelings and behaviour toward each other and the planet.
  2. The solution to humankind’s dysfunctional thinking and the result: The planetary environment’s parlous state, i.e., Our understanding of Thought.
  3. Therefore, we aim to help people live their lives influenced by the realm of Possibility and the inherent kindness, understanding, wisdom and common sense guiding our thinking, feelings and behaviour toward each other and the environment.

To achieve this, we recognise certain elements critical to The Realm of Possibility Project’s success or failure. The Project will be and remain relevant only if:

  • We provide quality materials that point clearly in the direction of our innate wholeness – kindness, understanding, wisdom and common sense.
  • Our retreats and training programs deliver to participants an experience:
    • That enables them to see Possibility and, therefore, experience the wholeness inherent in each of us
    • That shows how we innocently live unconsciously from our accumulation – our lifelong beliefs, opinions and judgements, believing them to be ‘the truth’; thus, we live from impossibility.
  • We grow our membership and retain and foster our members’ involvement and support.
  • We keep foremost in mind that our sustainability lies in  :
    • The integrity and authenticity we bring to our PURPOSE, AIM, VISION AND VALUES;
    • Reviewing and revising as necessary our MISSION, OUTCOMES AND MEANS.


Creating The Realm of Possibility Project with concerned, committed and motivated human beings in service to a sustainable world.

People who recognise that understanding the source (for good or ill) of all human experience is Thought and the quality of our thinking.

People who see that understanding the nature of Thought and thinking is essential if we are to witness humanity at peace with itself and as the protective custodians of our natural environment.

Our single focus is to show how we can experience our innate human qualities of kindness, understanding, wisdom and common sense – qualities we all share at our most fundamental level when experiencing the origins of reality – Thought – that space within the human mind we call The Realm of Possibility.

Moreover, in experiencing fresh thought, we foster and support the community in redressing the social, societal, economic and environmental problems facing humanity and the planet.

The Realm of Possibility Project recognises that humanity confronts vast challenges in sustaining itself. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Increasing environmental threats to the planet: our flora, fauna, oceans, rivers, rainforests, farmlands, the atmosphere, etc..
  2. Increasing population levels.
  3. The growing inequality around the globe and its devastating consequences.
  4. Economic chaos stemming from decades of poor decisions on a wide range of governance issues at the sovereign, corporate and personal levels.

We assert that the above problems are a symptom of our individual and collective lack of awareness.

Each problem humanity faces is a direct consequence of our lack of understanding that our misuse of Thought, individually and as a collective, is the cause of the parlous state in which we find ourselves.


We welcome the support of people who see beyond the limitations and ideological constraints of politics and all forms of coercive power and control to participate in this Project.

And we understand that we must work constructively within the political systems.

Our sole motivation is the sustainability of planet Earth, the natural world and all sentient beings.

We cannot be plainer. Our very function is to dispel the myths that blind us and, with kindness, understanding, wisdom and common sense, to counter those myths with the reality that we are both the cause of the problems and the source of the solutions.

And to point to how we can contribute to the solutions in an engaging, inspiring way that taps the essence of who we are.

In summary, we understand that people:

  • Who become informed and engaged in seeing the cause of the prevailing reality of our own and, as a consequence, of global unsustainability and,
  • who, as a result of that engagement, experience a change of mind and, therefore, of heart,
  • (that is, their worldview around what is the cause of creating this parlous state environmentally, economically and socially, and what they need to do),
  • will themselves transform and, with their fresh thinking and new behaviours, will become part of the solution, helping to create the planetary transformation necessary.

The Realm of Possibility Project’s job is to assist, encourage and show those interested in a way forward in creating change.


As The Realm of Possibility Project moves forward, we must strive to express ourselves in ways that make sense to those we speak with regarding our proposition’s validity, potential and efficacy.

We operate as human beings from either a state of mind that is seeing or being influenced by having seen Possibility or from a state of mind that sees impossibility.

The quality of our relationship with ourselves, our life partners, our family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and the rest of the world reflects that state – one of Possibility or one of impossibility.

We recognise that our state of mind is often poor – we see life from a condition of impossibility. That is the beginning, the middle and the end of what ails the world.

To prosecute our case, we need to demonstrate that the remedy for what ails each of us is to see and be influenced from a state of Possibility more of the time. That is the task we face.

Moreover, we strive to identify the extent to which various groups of people see and respond to the idea that we are the source of our problems via our erroneous thinking and how they might think about and respond to our messages.

In the broadest possible terms, we have identified the following four groupings.

Keep in mind as you read the following four categories that each of us is doing the best we can see to do, and waking up to seeing Possibility is the transformative element in moving forward.


These individuals acknowledge to a very significant degree their own 100% contribution to the parlous state of the world. These individuals join the dots between their state of mind and a sustainable natural environment, economic and societal environments.

This grouping of individuals is living their lives within their community more consciously and are kind, understanding people who live with a high level of wisdom and common sense.

Group A people demonstrate how to live in a stable, sustainable, giving and loving world.

This group is intrinsically motivated to protect the natural environment.


These individuals acknowledge to a limited degree their contribution to what ails themselves and the world.

Their understanding of and attitudes toward human thinking being at cause in the problem the world faces varies widely.

They are concerned about the existential threats we face, such as climate change, the disparity between the haves and have-nots, and the worldwide breakdown in social cohesion.

But, to varying degrees, these individuals feel lost, believing that anything they do doesn’t count in the grand scheme. Therefore, they are not drivers of kindness, understanding, wisdom and common sense within their communities in addressing our pressing environmental, economic and social problems.

Unlike Group A, these people focus on personal, tangible concerns and priorities. These include job security, the economy, health, education and anything that appears to be more pressing and immediate than creating a sustainable world at peace with itself.

This group, to a degree, is motivated intrinsically by caring for others and the natural environment. Still, their extrinsic values, personal needs and more materialistic lifestyles hold sway in their lives.


These individuals point at ‘them out there’ and external problems as to what ails them and the world.

These people currently represent the most significant part of the population.

Variously, they may feel confused or lack interest in understanding the state of their minds and the state of the world they are creating.

They see the world coming at them, not being created by them.

Driving this group is its intrinsic need for survival – food and shelter and extrinsic values such as having enough money.

These folks don’t recognise that the very things they need and value are at risk due to the existential threats to the stability and sustainability of the world.


These individuals also point to external problems as to what ails themselves and the world.

These people represent a very influential, often financially and politically powerful sector. Driving them are their extrinsic values.

In the main, this group denies their personal 100% contribution to the world we create. Their heavy conditioning closes their eyes to see that we, not ‘them’, are at cause in the world we make.

Members of this Group are often active in disputation, seeking power and control. Their level of activism may confine itself to the ballot box but frequently extends its influence to forms of violence. Because of its entrenched views and extrinsic values, this group is the hardest to reach.


The Realm of Possibility Project’s primary task is to facilitate transformation in people’s awareness so:

  • There is a migration from Group B to A and from Group C to B
  • The most potent and uncompromising group can also see Possibility and migrate from D to C with our kindness, understanding, wisdom and common sense.

The more people who migrate into a more intrinsically motivated group – including politicians and other key spheres of influence such as industry, commerce and media – the more significant will be the impact our world.

Group A

Since these people are very concerned and willing, they will form most of our initial support base directly or indirectly.

Group B

These are our secondary targets. When these people are effectively communicated with, influenced at the level of their intrinsic values and shown a way forward, large numbers will support the same personal and collective outcomes around self-awakening as Group A.

Once Group A increases in number, it will be a voting force that no political party of any persuasion can ignore. Indeed, politicians of all persuasions will seek the endorsement of these people.

Research shows that the critical mass and momentum needed to produce some change is upward of 20% of the population.

For a significant change to occur, the critical mass required is upward of 30%.

Massive change requires upward of 40%. That said, as we materially influence a sustainable awakening, it is eminently possible that a further 5 to 15% will progressively grasp the significance of the inside-out nature of the human experience and create the community awakening needed.

Group C

Our outcome is to adopt fresh, robust, values-based communications to redress uninformed scepticism, lack of interest, and apathy.

There will be migration into Group B if we breathe life and engagement into our conversation with them, reinforcing the links between our thinking, inaction and personal and family consequences.

Group D

This group, like most of us a lot of the time, is sure they are right and others are wrong. We are not targeting this group, but we must respectfully acknowledge their beliefs, opinions and judgements without insisting on our position. If we fall into that trap, we are firmly in Group D.


  1. The current state of the world suggests too few people understand or appreciate the magnitude and immediacy of the threat that we, the people, pose to life on Earth.
  2. Similarly, too few fully comprehend that our contribution via our seeingPossibility or seeing impossibility is the source of the threat we pose.
  3. Knowledge of the simple but profound understanding we point to is almost non-existent. Its simplicity in the face of the prevailing worldview – the beliefs, opinions, judgements and knowledge – is its greatest virtue and its most difficult challenge.
  4. General community apathy is high. In this psychological environment, cynicism and inaction prevail. Without a shift in community understanding, and thus perception and attitude, the course humanity is on is one of self-destruction.
  5. Much of the world is hostage to materialism – wanting more, better and different – with kindness, understanding, wisdom and common sense less experienced.
  6. As a result, funding, volunteer skills, and awakened and thus motivated people are currently in short supply.
  7. Summing up: We are like the boy with the wheelbarrow – we have the job before us.


We recognise that THE REALM OF POSSIBILITY PROJECT’S intentions are bold. Some will say they are unrealistic, others a mission impossible.

We say in response: with a kind and consistent approach, we can and will, as a group looking in the direction of Possibility, halt the drift toward impossibility thinking – thinking which, in observing social media, watching the nightly news or reading the daily newspapers, is endemic.

Only by individual human insight into The Realm of Possibility, by a sufficient number of us over the long term, can we build a community that will ultimately facilitate the transformation of the impossibility thinking that plagues the world and is at the heart of each problem humanity faces.

Without that action, our life-supporting ecological environment will collapse. We will face the devastation of our life-supporting arable land, precious waterways, clean air and, consequently, all sentient beings.

We must stop relying on our politicians to take the lead. We must show them the way forward.

The implications are clear if we do nothing – to stand by and witness the disaster. Nor is it necessary.

There is urgent work to be done by us all.

THE REALM OF POSSIBILITY PROJECT welcomes your support and involvement in whichever way/s you can contribute to creating community understanding and, thus, a kinder, wiser populous and a more peaceful and sustainable world.