The answer to what ails the world exists within you and me – within each and every one of us.

‘This reads like an academic paper’ – was the feedback. ‘It lacks a compelling story that readers can relate to, be moved by.’

I responded, ‘Libraries and bookstores are full of beautiful stories, inspiring stories.’ Then added, ‘Have these stories written throughout human history moved us to be kinder, more understanding, using wisdom and common sense?’

This essay does lack a beautiful story. But it diagnoses what ails humanity and unerringly points to where the cure exists. A cure that is already within you, me, and every human being.


As you read this, thirty blood and guts-soaked wars are occurring worldwide*.

Ukraine and Gaza are only the two most prominent, vile, insane and inhumane examples.

You will agree that humanity has advanced scientifically and technologically beyond belief.

And yet we remain psychologically, philosophically, spiritual cave dwellers beyond comprehension.

The proof is evident worldwide: The homeless, starving, malnourished, and the flood, fire and drought ravished.

We (you and I) must address these inhumane conditions quickly, carefully and sustainably. All the natural resources and accumulated wealth to do so exist.

To the answer …


All of us are familiar with ‘thinking’.

We do it all the time. For most, unthinkingly.

Too few are, at this time in our evolution, intimately familiar with ‘Thought’ (with a capital T to differentiate it from its form – our moment-to-moment thinking).

Thought is the energy source of all human thinking, feelings, and actions.

A self-realised understanding of Thought holds the answers humanity seeks.

With such insight, we become part of the solution rather than being part of the problem.

Please read on …


Our understanding of Thought and the power in its manifestations – our moment-to-moment thinking, feelings, and behaviour – answers why war or peace, love or hate, success or failure and every aspect of human behaviour that we classify as good, bad, or indifferent exists.

This piece provides the answers to the following questions and, more importantly, points to our innate Realm of Possibility, where those answers become our personally discovered reality:

1) What is Thought?

2) Where does it exist?

3) How does Thought manifest in our mind as our thinking and as a uniquely personal and separate reality?

4) Where do you, I and every human being walking the planet – directly experience the essence of Thought?

5) What are the benefits to us individually and humanity as a whole in you and I having a direct experience of and, therefore, coming to understand Thought?

6) As a first step towards the yet-to-be-seen, are there benefits in understanding Thought intellectually (as offered in this essay)?

Thumbnail responses to those six questions:

1) What is Thought?

Thought is a name given to the formless energy of Life*. Creating our reality as we think it into existence, Thought manifests as our world – as we experience the world – for good, for evil or indifferently. From sinner to saint, cesspit to rainforest, encompassing the whole – animate and inanimate – from the tiniest quark to the countless universes.

2) Where does it exist?

This Life energy (Thought) gives humans the spark of existence, which appears to be the same spark for all sentient and non-sentient manifestations of Life. We witness a proxy of this Life energy manifesting on the screen of an electroencephalograph machine, which we call brain waves. When those brain waves flatline, we are pronounced dead. When that spark of Life leaves us and all other sentient forms of Life, all have died – changing from animate to inanimate energy forms.

3) How does Thought manifest in our mind as our thinking and uniquely personal and separate reality?

Thought energy manifests via our brain as our thinking. That energy takes the form of our beliefs, opinions, judgements and knowledge – called our memory or accumulation. Thought energy simultaneously manifests – in each moving moment – our thinking into our feelings and behaviour – as you and I live our life – for or against ourselves, for or against humanity, for or against the environment.

4) Where is it that we – you, I, and every human being walking the planet – experience directly the essence of Thought?

Our accumulation of thoughts – our beliefs, opinions, judgements and knowledge – our memories – becomes our ever-dense reality through which we see and experience life. That accumulation is our unrecognised prison – our ‘realm of impossibility’. That is until we wake up and have a direct experience of Thought – of the Life energy – ‘The Realm of Possibility’. Our awakening enables us to see through the veil of our accumulation into The Realm of Possibility. That is where all the answers we seek about life and living a good life reside – The Realm of kindness, understanding, wisdom and common sense.

5) What are the benefits to us individually and humanity as a whole in you and I having a direct experience of and, therefore, coming to understand Thought?

In understanding the statements below, we see how the world works, why humanity is in a mess – individually and collectively – and how it can be other than that.

• Via the gift of Thought, as already stated, we create our thoughts, feelings, and actions, creating and living out our lives moment-to-moment.

• What we think at any moment is our reality – one influenced by our degree of understanding of Thought and our thinking and its two states: one of Possibility or the other impossibility.

• Our reality – what we think and the feelings we experience at our conscious understanding of Thought – determines our behaviour and actions – good, bad, and indifferent. We transform by seeing or at least being positively influenced by having seen Possibility. Failing either, we remain unconscious, seeing and experiencing a world of impossibility.

• Although the source of Thought and Consciousness is unknown, other than vicariously, by attributing the names given to it – God, Allah, Universal Mind, Universal Consciousness, et al. – the source nevertheless exists. For most, the source of Thought and Consciousness remains in the yet-to-be-seen, and for some, having visited The Realm of Possibility, it is a lived experience.

6) Are there benefits in understanding Thought intellectually (as per this short essay) as a first step towards the yet-to-be-seen?
Seeing peace, not war – love, not hate – success, not failure.

A lived experience of the five earlier statements is the key to our psychological, philosophical, and spiritual health – you and I experiencing a life of kindness, understanding, wisdom and common sense.

Our challenge is understanding what we are reading here at the spiritual level – not intellectually. That determines how you, I, and the rest of humanity function and, therefore, how the world works.

Turning the key, opening the lock, and seeing into our inner world of Possibility and impossibility is peace, love, and success lived.


Seeing into The Realm of Possibility and seeing the source of impossibility thinking for ourselves is the answer we seek – the key turned and the lock opening.

Experiencing that state requires you and me to surrender entirely to the unknown – the yet-to-be-seen – and thus see through and beyond our beliefs, opinions, judgements and each and every speck of our existing knowledge – all that we hold as the truth – including seeing beyond everything written here.

That experience has many names: Insight, revelation, epiphany, enlightenment. The power of that experience determines the shift in our consciousness – how aware we become of the inside-out nature of the human experience.

Awaiting us on the other side of our accumulation is The Realm of Possibility – the realm of kindness, understanding, wisdom and common sense – the answer to what ails humanity.

Warmly … John
* Council on Foreign Relations 2024.
* Life (with a capital L) is a possible explanation for the mysterious source of life-giving Thought (with a capital T). Life is called by many names: God, Allah, Universal Mind, Universal Intelligence, and more. I’m agnostic. However, from personal revelations, there is an unfathomable common essence between you and me (and all else). That essence exists a priori to anything you or I make up about it. This energy seems to fuel all aspects of my and your life – possibly the totality of life as you and I know it. Some call that mysterious source (if there is one) Life.