The Realm of Possibility is our innate personal, professional and planetary state of well-being.


If you think you are powerless or in control, neither is true.

If you believe others are better than you or that you are better than them – those are falsehoods, too.

The same goes for thinking there is hope – or no hope – for you, humankind and the natural world.

Hope and hopelessness are both flaky states.

Within The Realm of Possibility exists the power and peace to transcend doubts, grandiosity, distortions, disappointments, hope and hopelessness and to take affirmative action.

Yes, within each of us – no matter creed, colour, education or circumstance – we have a state of mind that transforms us: you and me. And that, in turn, changes our world from experiencing hope or hopelessness to seeing Possibility.

Beyond all knowing, Possibility exists within each of us – a state of personal power and peace – a state of mind where our authentic self exists.

It is not our ‘sometimes’ psychologically unable, unstable or egocentric state.

Nor is it the state of mind where our beliefs, opinions, judgements and knowledge hold sway.

The state of mind pointed to here is our birthright – it is yours now; it exists within you.

And like many of us, eight plus billion humans, you may have lost sight of it.

That happens as we weave an illusory veil of beliefs, opinions, judgements and knowledge starting when we leave the womb – some say beforehand.

This lifelong mental accumulation – our conditioned thinking – conceals Possibility.

That conditioned thinking blinds us to seeing and experiencing life afresh – a life of Possibility and peaceful power.

On seeing into the Realm of Possibility, we recognise those conditioned ideas for what they are: imaginary blocks to our innate power and peace.

Take a stance of not knowing, and you will see what is – not what you remember them, those, that, or it to be.

Do not look back into the past, raking over the coals. Look within with a quiet, gentle mind and softened heart.   There, you will see Possibility – and your life and relationships afresh.

In doing so, you will see your personalised reality for its illusion. When this occurs, your life, relationships, and world – and in the process – THE WORLD transforms.

Like an old home, you can renovate, recondition and transform your life by exploring, discovering and rediscovering Possibility – your state of power and peace, and so much more.

Warmly … John