“Through our own recovered innocence, we discern the innocence of our neighbours.”

Henry David Thoreau.

Paul died as he lived – unconscious to Possibility – and, I put to you, he died in ‘innocence’*.

He came into the world with an alcoholic mother and a heavy drinking, pot-smoking father.

His mother was depressed and angry; her mind muddled by her addiction and her life-long experience of seeing herself as a helpless victim.

His father worked hard; smoked pot during the week and wiped himself out with alcohol on weekends.

The family were the ‘innocent’ victims of their conditioning. As each of us is.

Fights, injury and visits to hospital emergency were common for the parents. They regularly punished Paul physically and mentally.

Periodically he was fostered out.  This occurred when the violence and acrimony spilled onto the street, or the children’s teachers saw evidence of physical abuse.  He was returned home as soon as a semblance of normality had resumed.

Delinquency, detention and banishment were normal during Paul’s school years, which ended when he was fourteen. Biggish and looking older than his tender age, he ran away and lived rough.

Drugs, prostitution and petty crime were his means of feeding his drug habit. His physical health deteriorated. Any remaining sense of himself as a decent person was lost in the mire of his self-destructing life.

Barely out of his teens, Paul bashed a punter to death in a dispute over payment. He subsequently died of self-inflicted injuries while in detention awaiting trial.


Was he responsible for his actions? Of course, he was. Each of us is. But try and put yourself, if you can, in his shoes – into his short, squandered life.

Paul was guilty on all counts and remained ‘innocent’. ‘Innocent’ in the sense that he didn’t see any alternative in his poorly conditioned and increasingly befuddled mind.


This is not a whitewash of what he did, nor is the intention here, to excuse any of the violent, evil acts we hear about almost daily; nor even the petty rude or unkind behaviour we witness or commit ourselves.

The point here is to explain why we do what we do – for good or ill. And how we can transform our self. Each of us! From being a victim to be a leader.

The moment we come face to face with Possibility we understand where evil, cruelty, hatred, unkindness – even a lack of civility emanates from.

Possibility, the core source of love, understanding, wisdom and common sense, within each of us is the elixir for what ails humanity. Possibility is the answer to the world of impossibility.

The moment we see into the realm of Possibility and the core ‘innocence’ in our self and experience our reformation we see the potential for reformation in our fellow humans.

We start our life afresh, influenced by Possibility rather than a static state of impossibility.

In that moment of waking up we understand that all of us – each one – you and I – act in accord with our present state of understanding – somewhere along the continuum of love to fear.

We understand that we are either influenced from a state of Possibility or one of impossibility.

This understanding of how we create our reality, outlined through the chapters of the book, Possibility …  a state of mind has been the catalyst for the personal transformation of countless individuals from all walks of life and stratum of society.

The bottom line is; we all do the best we see to do in the moment, when lost in our conditioned thinking. There are no exceptions to this.

If we, you and I, could have seen a better option when committing an unloving act, antisocial behaviour or even an evil act, we would have taken it.

If our thinking had been healthier (more aware and awake) at that moment, we would have acted in accord with that healthier, more conscious thinking, and not have done whatever we did while in that poorer or even ‘psychologically sick’ state of mind.

Only from a shift in our awareness to seeing how we create our reality in each moment will we see the way forward for ourselves as individuals and humanity as a collective.

This is the shift in understanding that humanity desperately needs. This is the point and only purpose of The Realm of Possibility Project.

In waking-up to what is at cause within each of us to act either in healthy or unhealthy ways, you and I will create an environment that fosters a world of health and healing. A world that draws upon the power of Possibility rather than static state of impossibility.

We will draw on a mind influenced by having seen Possibility rather than a mind blind to the illusion of impossibility.

When enough of us see what is at cause – the invisible-till-it-becomes-visible source of our reality, our thinking – we will see a world transformed.

When we open ourselves to the realm of Possibility – love, understanding, wisdom and common-sense flow through us, to guide our daily lives in healthy ways.

That opening occurs when we see ‘that we think up our moment-to-moment reality’. It’s as simple and as difficult as that.

Yes, even Hitler, terrorists, wife beaters, serial killers, paedophiles, psychopaths and sociopaths included are not without innocence.

We – all, seven billion plus of us – do the best we can see to do at any point in time.

To you, this may sound outrageous; even evil; when considering the hatred fuelled individuals at work in the world today.

The behaviours of the above are not excusable – no way!

But they are explainable and, in most cases, preventable during child rearing with understanding and proper treatment (the exceptions being, severe organic damage to the brain).

And in waking up at any point in our life (age is no barrier) to how we create our reality – for or against ourselves – for or against the common good, enables you and me to do better, so much better.

It’s sometimes called ‘seeing the light’.

In doing so we become part of the ‘kindness, understanding, wisdom and common-sense movement’ alluded to in the book, Possibility … a state of mind.

Opening our eyes, as if for the first time, enables us to become part of the way forward for humanity – turning away from violence and hatred in all its forms.

What a transformation to our world that would make?


Possibility … a state of mind might take you from interested to involved. To order your copy, simply click here.

Love … John

*At our core, each of us is ‘innocent’.

You may react to the term innocence’ in relation to Paul. Your reaction may be especially strong when expressed in the context of evil acts.

However, let’s consider some far less dramatic examples; perhaps a workmate that undermines you with your boss, or your Mother-in-law saying and doing things which you deem as mean spirited and interfering. How could you see your workmate and your Mother-in-law as innocent? 

The claim that everyone is innocent, from one end of the spectrum of simply behaving in antisocial or annoying ways to the other end; behaving in evil ways, flies in the face of what we have been raised to believe.

You and I will and can, only act in accord with our thinking and feelings in each moment based on our conditioning; our life experiences, culture, upbringing, education, all contribute to this conditioning and as a result; the way we think and act. It’s the way we see the world. And our conditioning -the way we see the world – can be turned upside down in a moment. At that moment we become a new person.

It follows that our conditioning is our reality – and is the only reality we can see – until we wake-up and see another.

In our moment of awakening to a new reality, we see into the realm of Possibility.

That waking up becomes our new reality until the moment we wake-up again and see another.

Dear Reader, that is why we are, in this sense, innocent.