We discover peace in transcending all belief, opinion, judgment, and knowledge – including this – if taken as ‘the truth’.

We experience reality via the gift of Thought, either through the veil of our conditioned thinking – our accumulation of beliefs, opinions, judgements and knowledge – our state of impossibility.

Or we experience reality via the gift of Thought but seeing beyond the veil and into The Realm of Possibility and understanding the relationship between Thought and its form, our thinking.

At our moment of realisation, we see that we think and recognise that what we think from our conditioned mind, without self-awareness, is the source of our problems – of all human-created disputes facing the world today and since the beginning of time.

However, our direct experiences of that Realm are fleeting.

Nevertheless, our experience or experiences – transform us.

And our transformation brings with it the following understanding:

  • Our thinking creates and reflects our idiosyncratic reality – the only one we can ever know.
  • Our accumulation of beliefs, opinions, judgments, and knowledge reflects our lifelong accumulation – our world – how we see or see the world – but not ‘what is’ – only how the world is for us.
  • And from within our newly awakened state, seeing our accumulation for its illusory nature – our realm of impossibility – and recognising the solution – we have experienced Possibility and what it is like to have a world at peace.

So it is that within The Realm of Possibility, we have seen the solution to what ails us individually and collectively – our lack of understanding of how we create our reality for good or ill.

In experiencing Possibility, we have an unforgettable feeling of kindness and understanding and shift to a heightened sense of wisdom and common sense in our relationship with others and the world.

From that day forward, these four innate qualities experienced within that Realm influence our lives and enable us to support the common good.

As a result, we see our conditioning – the beliefs, opinions, judgements and knowledge we hold – as barriers to peace.

We see afresh. What exists in the world still exists, but we now understand that we create peace or war – bringing each into being – by seeing harmony or dissonance.

We see our innocence and the innocence in others – that every human being is doing the best that they can see or see to do, given their conditioning.

In summary, we transcend our sense of division and separation by experiencing The Realm of Possibility and understanding how we create our reality.

No longer blinded by our thinking, feelings and behaviour emanating from our accumulation – our egoic world – we live in peace – reflecting our discoveries from within The Realm.

We have become contributors to a world at peace.