When our mind is already occupied by set beliefs, opinions, and judgements,
we do not
see people as they are – or life as it is. We see them both as we remember them to be.


In seeing Possibility, we transform our relationships – beginning with the relationship we have with our self.

Simultaneously, we transform those we have with others – even the seemingly intractable ones!

Even more – and perhaps the most wonderful of all – our relationship with nature is transformed too. Yes, we become even closer with this miraculous world we have been born into.

And still more – Seeing Possibility is the superhighway down which we travel when manifesting any fresh or original idea seen in our mind’s eye.

It may be a work of art, an invention, or a new business venture. Or –  best of all – it’s a transformed life emanating from our transformed relationships.

As we awaken to the deeper reality of Possibility, sparks ignite and grow to an indomitable force from which there is no turning back.

Touched by our state of Possibility, we inhabit and influence a new world. One seen each time as if for the first time.

Warmly … John
The Realm of Possibility Project
P.S. This is an edited extract from the book Possibility … a state of mind