What would we discover if we were to look into the minds of the antagonists on either side of the horrors in Ukraine or Gaza?

We’d discover the world they have grown up in and conditioned by—the welded-on beliefs, opinions, judgements and knowledge of the prior victors and vanquished.

We’d discover the relived, so-called ‘truths of the matter’ that drive, create and recreate all the wars of millennia.

Countless numbers have died and will continue to die in these crucibles.

The rest are left homeless, grieving lost partners, mums, dads, children, grandparents, extended family, friends, neighbours, broken bones, burns, lost limbs, homes, towns, and shattered lives.

And so, we sit watching our devices, reading our papers, listening to news bulletins, picking sides, or simply being ignorant of the state the world is in and the underlying cause of all conflict.

So, what say you to the chances of peace when kindness, understanding, wisdom and common sense – the only human qualities that can resolve the inhumane thoughts, feelings and behaviour driving the global madness – are absent?

What are the chances of you and me being at peace if they are missing in us?

What are the chances, without a Copernican revolution in the minds of humanity – people globally supporting the resolution of these crazed conflicts – of you and me being at peace with those we are not at peace with?

The odds are a snowball’s chance in hell.

Only those of us escaping the shackles of our beliefs, opinions, judgement and knowledge and accessing our inner world of unconditional love, understanding, wisdom and common sense – The Realm of Possibility – will stop the global madness.

That state of Possibility is our only hope for peace and humanity’s survival.

And that miracle for each of us is only a thought away.

What if we accessed that thought?

We become a partner in peace,