DOCUMENTARY FILM called the “The Sacred Science”

This film, to say the least, is unusual, very different and some would say extreme. And it’s more than that.

Back in 2010 I ventured into the Amazon Jungle in search of a cure for the cancer in my prostate.

If nothing else, this documentary demonstrates how being psychologically free allows us to explore the unknown. That 30 days in the jungle is the most excruciating time I’ve experienced. You will see what I mean.  Ultimately it was the most liberating. It was the catalyst for my book Possibility … a state of mind and the Realm of Possibility Project Foundation.

It was there in Peru that I saw more deeply into The Realm of Possibility – and came face to face with impossibility. It is the time during which I saw Possibility more clearly than on any previous occasion.

This a movie-length-metaphor for people seeing Possibility. And it’s not to say that you must go through this sort of challenge to see Possibility. You don’t. Not remotely.

By offering you this link, I am:
Not promoting alternatives to mainstream medicine (and I have found some very powerful ones that have healed conditions that seemed incurable).

  • Not knocking mainstream medicine (mainstream medicine has saved my life on three separate occasions).
  • Not promoting ‘being away with the fairies’ but about ‘being willing to step into the unknown’ in search of Possibility.

Iconoclastic in nature, the movie is not for the average viewer or busy person – 1 hour 15 minutes long – so dip in and see if it grabs you.  It’s taken me till December 2019 to view it – that’s nine years since the event. If you are so inclined, please click the link to the “Sacred Science” below.

Warmly … John


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