How often do we throw fuel on the fire of discontent, when we want the opposite – peace?

Might ‘throwing fuel on the fire’ be the kernel of the problems you and I face, the mistakes, missteps, we make in our lives, day after day?

Whether it’s our partner, child, parent, sibling, colleague or neighbour, in our heart of hearts we seek peace and kindness in our relations with them – not ill will or conflict.

And, although it may seem a stretch, is not ‘throwing fuel on the fire’ the very problem facing humanity too?

Peace, simple peace, is the sustainable way to good relations with others – and that means all others.

But here’s the nub: it’s impossible to have good relations with others without first having a good relationship with ourselves. One is the mirror image of the other.



Some time ago, the following words came to mind in response to that question of meaning and clarity:

Beyond our frozen fears and imagined needs lies another realm,
a realm unrivalled.

Beyond our beliefs, opinions and judgements is another state,
a state of wisdom and common sense.

Beyond acceptance and tolerance is another world,
a world of love and understanding.

There, an all-embracing warmth melts the edges of division,
dissolving the illusion of you and me, of them and us.

This internal, eternal universe is home, is love,
is life unbridled – it is The Realm of Possibility.



In surrendering the known for the unknown – the yet to be seen – we see into The Realm of Possibility.

If we are willing to suspend our conditioned way of thinking, to transcend the tired old judgments and biases we all carry around, we will find our most treasured gift – peace with ourselves and harmony with others.

How can that be?

Well, there exists, before our lifelong mental accumulation of judgments and biases, The Realm of Possibility.

The Realm of Possibility was, still is, and will always remain free from the conditioning we have accumulated since birth.



There, at the source of our existence, before we form any memories, is the raw material of our reality – original Thought – powering our thinking, feelings, and behaviours. It’s there we find Possibility, a fresh start and the accompanying sense of peace.

Entry to that peaceful place is simple. It’s also humanity’s greatest challenge and task.

Access to that place has been sought, meditated on, prayed for, written about, mythologised and turned into all manner of religions and belief systems since the beginning of our species. But there’s no mystery to it. Discovering that ‘crack in the cosmic egg’ occurs when we relinquish – even momentarily – our present reality.

Why would we want to do that? Why would we want to see beyond everything that we ‘are certain is the truth’?

Your ‘known’ and my ‘known’ is the reality we see, recognise, understand – it is who we believe we are.

It’s who we think others are.

We even join with others who we think agree with our ‘knowns’.

What is the value to us – to the common good – in seeing through that everyday perspective?

Reflect, question, look around you. Is our ‘known’ serving us well?

Are we, living within the reality of our ‘known’, finding the peace we seek for ourselves and with others?

Our upsets, our anxieties, the tensions within marriages, within communities, between races and nations – not to mention world pandemonium – all answer ‘No’.



Our ‘knowns’ conflict with others’ ‘knowns’.

At their unconscious level, the so-called normal individual gets upset at the most trivial slights to their ‘knowns’. They feel disrespected and invalidated.

At their unconscious level, the so-called extremist individual may decide to cut off the heads of those who disrespect their ‘knowns’.

At the collective, unconscious level, the so-called normal national level, we make critical, uncomplimentary comments about another nation’s government, its citizens, its customs, and commercial practices.

At the collective, unconscious level, the so-called extremist national level, we may decide to go to war, killing millions, because we disrespect theirs, or because they disrespect our, national ‘knowns’.

To be at peace is to see life beyond our habituated state of mind – i.e. all that we are sure are the ‘facts’, the ‘knowns’ of our life. That means all the things that form our view of life, when clinging to the limited standpoint of our personal, psychological, philosophical, political, religious, and yes, even our personal spiritual world. Each is a trap to free ourselves from.

In surrendering our ‘known’ to the yet to be seen, we enter The Realm of Possibility – the realm of peace, unconditional kindness and much more.

We realise, in the instant we enter that realm of our mind, how we have innocently spent much of our life ‘throwing fuel on the fire’, when it’s in fact inner peace we crave.

We see, in those precious moments of our awakening, that believing we ‘know the truth’ of anything is the terrible price we have been paying for needing to be right and needing to make others wrong.

In that instant of seeing beyond our ‘known’, we cease ‘throwing fuel on the fire’. And suddenly the waters are no longer turbulent – ‘oil has been poured’.

In that twinkling, we come face to face with our inner world of kindness, understanding, wisdom and common sense – The Realm of Possibility.

In waking up in that new reality, we transform – and, miraculously, the world we inhabit transforms along with us.

We are suddenly at peace. But it’s more than that: in that instant, we are peace, at one with life as it is – not as we imagine it to be, would like it to be, or according to us, believe it should be.

We are where we belong – in love with life.

Warmly … John

The Realm of Possibility Project