All people, no matter what each of us manifests in our behaviour, are each fundamentally decent and want a decent life.

Born with the free will to think whatever we think, and with all of us thinking differently, we have, over millennia, created all manner of religions, philosophies, and political systems to try and get along with one another.

Some of what we think, feel and do is good, while some is not so good. Some is even awful, and some are evil.

And, individually and collectively, we become lost in the thicket of our beliefs, opinions, judgements and knowledge: our memories – conscious and unconscious.

In 2023, we humans seem to have made it, thanks to amazing advancements in technology, the sciences, agriculture, and in creating extraordinary means of travel and communications.

However, despite what we can do with our highly developed brain power, we are still way underdeveloped in our ‘heart power’.

Due to this, humankind is in a mess! And you may or may not agree with our assessment.

Listed below are some of the problems that form the mess we humans have made.

If you find reading it depressing, and if you haven’t explored the higher vantage point from which we all see life afresh, we’ll explain why that state of mind we call The State of Possibility holds the solution to each problem listed below:

  • An estimated two hundred million stateless refugees.
  • Millions are dying from starvation.
  • Global warming is causing devastating floods, droughts and wildfires.
  • National wars, civil wars, societal unrest.
  • Domestic violence persists.
  • Divorce and its effects on families and communities continues.
  • A growing incidence of suicide.
  • Drug addiction – prescription and illegal.
  • Homelessness is on the rise worldwide.
  • A lack of affordable rental or social housing for the needy.
  • Home affordability has deminished.
  • Saving for a home has also deminished
  • Millions on below-subsistence wages.
  • The threatened worldwide economic crisis.
  • A tendency towards more extreme right-wing and left-wing governments around the globe.
  • Racism, hatred and extremism are still prevalent at home and abroad.

The list seems endless.


The quality of our individual thinking creates the quality of the world in which we personally live.

It follows, therefore, that the dominant state of mind prevailing within the collective is both the genesis of each human-created problem and its solution.

We, as a collective, create the quality of the society in which we live.

The power to create and solve is inherent within us.

Mind you; this understanding is not wide spread.

On the contrary, many think – you may think – that:

  • We, individually or collectively, are the victims of others or our circumstances.
  • Whether we feel empowered or disempowered to address our individual or collective problems is in the hands of others – not us.
  • It is them, those, that or it that cause us to think, feel and behave the way we do in our relationships, in our health, finances, our sense of well-being or our experience of upset, anger, hatred, misery or despair.

However, as widely held those beliefs may be, they are the illusion we inhabit until we don’t – that moment we wake up.

While we can be, and millions are, the physical victims of others or of their circumstances, we are never the psychological victims of others or of our circumstances.

In the most extreme case, we lose our family, our home and possessions, and our entire community, as so many have in Türkiye and Syria in the recent earthquakes and, like the Ukrainians are, in facing the ruthless destruction of tens of thousands of lives, homes and infrastructure at the hands of Russia.

Yes, earthquakes have caused carnage. The Russian army has caused carnage (as has the Ukrainian army in defending its country).

That is indisputable. They are the facts.

Notwithstanding the facts, each person facing and experiencing the shocking, unbelievably destructive events will see, feel and act differently from one another as they recover, rebuild, and start again – or not, as the case may be for each individual.

The reason that is so, is because we each live in our unique, separate reality, creating that reality momentarily in a way consistent with how we see or see reality.

If that statement were not 100 percent accurate, we would all experience our lives, circumstances, illnesses, ups and downs and catastrophic events, like those quoted above, in the same way – 100 percent the same way.

The irrefutable logic behind the previous statement is central to our work at The Realm of Possibility Project.


When we see that we are creating our personal experience of whatever it is that is unfolding in our life, we become empowered. We have broken the chains of our conditioned mind and free to see what is.

We become the person that faces life’s vagaries, act, take responsibility for ourself, care for ourself, help others and support the common good with kindness, understanding, wisdom and common sense.

So, considering what we have presented so far, do you think it is possible that:

  1. Nothing beyond our mind is creating our experience of what is unfolding in our life – the good, the bad, the indifferent – moment by moment.
  2. It’s not how constructive or destructive our circumstances may be that cause us to think, feel and act the way we do.
  3. We are the creator of how we see or see our situation, feel about it, react or respond to it, whatever it is, or whomever may create the circumstances in which we find ourselves.
  4. We are, until we see how we create our reality, the unaware victims of our unconscious thinking:
    • our beliefs we see as the truth
    • opinions that we are sure are correct
    • judgments that we are certain are accurate
    • the knowledge we stand by as fact.

In seeing the previous four points from The Realm of Possibility, we will have discovered the creator of our reality: it is us.

We have discovered the enemy of our peace of mind: it is us.

It is not them, those, that or it that is causing our experience of our circumstances: it is us.

Our degree of awareness of how we create our reality and the quality of our thinking in each moment determines how we think, feel and act in each corresponding moment.

The buck ends with us.


Thought energy manifests as our moment-to-moment thinking, feelings and actions – the so-called good, bad or indifferent way we show up in and experience the world in each changing nanosecond.

And we are innocent in all this.

Until we wake up, we experience life as happening to us.

We think the physical world is creating our reality.

We don’t yet see that we are the creators of how we use the gift of Thought – the mysterious energy that makes us human – the creative force with which we think, feel and act – in each moving moment of our life.

We haven’t seen that we are creating our moment-to-moment reality irrespective of what is happening to us.

We remind you again: if that were not true, every human on the planet would have the same experience in the same situation or facing the same circumstances.

Our lack of awareness of the previous statement is the source of all human-created problems – without exception.

Does this have to be the way we continue?

Can we become aware of the inside-out nature of the human experience, thereby, the quality of our lives and, so doing, the lives of others?



We can wake up.

So how do we do that?

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. If I didn’t have the gift of Thought and, therefore, my ability to think, feel and act as a human being, would I have this experience I call my life?
  2. Could I be reading this article?
  3. Am I up for claiming ownership and taking responsibility for my experience of my life?
  4. Am I, therefore, up for taking responsibility for my life in each moving moment?
  5. What does understanding these questions mean to my life and relationships?
  6. How might my life change?

Asking ourselves, and others, these simple questions can shift us from being a victim of our circumstances to realising that we are the creator of our experience of those circumstances – whatever they might be – in each moment of our life.

So, what are the advantages of waking up in our personal reality, influenced by having seen into The Realm of Possibility?

Here are some:

  • We stop blaming others – our partners, parents, neighbours, colleagues, boss, government – everyone.
  • We take 100 percent responsibility for how we think, feel and behave in every situation.
  • We lose our arrogance, thinking we are better, brighter, more educated and capable.
  • We lose our belief that we are less than, not as good as, poorly educated and dumb.
  • We see our ordinariness and feel grateful for our ordinariness and for everything we have and are at peace with what we have not.
  • We see the innocence in and feel compassion for our fellow humans when they see the world the way we once did and live as we used to.
  • We see our beliefs, opinions and judgements as our block to peace within ourselves and the world.
  • We see our knowledge as the limitation it is if we take it as being the truth of the matter – any matter.
  • We stop wanting more, better, different, new.
  • We see the market-driven, debt-fuelled, consumption-crazed society we inhabit as fuelling the deterioration in our air quality, water quality, soil quality, and the general health and well-being of the community and living as economically as we can.
  • We are increasingly at peace and one with nature.

Waking up to the above, and anything else we wake up to, leads to our inner peace.

Our emotional well-being enables us to support the well-being of others.

Seeing Possibility is at the heart of creating more loving families, building more connected communities and being undivided with our fellow humans.

It’s as simple as looking out for each other.

This awareness brings about our transformation and, with that, the changes needed in the world.

We see that our individual and collective kindness, understanding, wisdom and common sense solve humankind’s problems.

We see that we are each a piece of the human jigsaw, and each of us contains the cure to the problems we and the world face.

We see from our own experiences that we can all live peacefully, influenced by visiting The Realm of Possibility and waking up.

Co-authored by John Wood and Eamonn Leonard