Seeing beyond our frozen fears and imagined needs lies another realm,
a realm unrivalled.

Seeing beyond our beliefs, opinions and judgements,
of being right and making others wrong, is another state –
a state of wisdom and common sense.

Seeing beyond anger, violence, murder and mayhem –
our inner peace and equanimity reside.

Seeing beyond racism, nationalism, communism, capitalism, socialism – freed of all isms –
we live unhindered by our conditioned minds and hardened hearts.

Seeing beyond acceptance and tolerance is another world –
a world of kindness and understanding.

Seeing beyond theology, philosophy, science and certainty –
a life of openness exists.

Seeing beyond our need for more, better, different –
we discover satisfaction with what we have.

Seeing beyond our alcoholism, drug addiction, gluttony – all forms of self-harm –
we see what is and wake up.

And yes:

Seeing beyond our crimes, arrests, trials and incarcerations –
a pure heart is beating.

Seeing beyond all conflicts, wars, dominance, and control,
or simply a couple lost in their day-to-day disagreements –
our innate desire for peace remains.

And finally:

Seeing beyond this story, your story, their story – every story ever written or told –
our life is unbridled.
And there, before our lifelong accumulation,
an all-embracing warmth melts the edges of division,
dissolving the illusion of you and me, of them and us.

Our true self revealed – humanity’s innocence understood – the unknown embraced.

This internal, eternal universe is home – is love.
Our mind’s at peace, a new reality seen, a life fulfilled.
Our life of decency creating a world of Possibility.