What follows attempts to explain the ineffable; how we function as we play Life’s gift to us:

The game of living.

Firstly, some precepts:

  • Born from Life, we are Life.
  • Life manifests in us as Original ThoughtLife expressing its creative energy through us.
  • Original Thought takes form within our brain as human thinking.
  • Human thinking – Life’s offering of free will – enables you and me to navigate our individual and collective way through the Game of Living.

How we navigate our way in living out Life’s gifts is the crux of the matter.

With free will, we play the game, for better or worse:

  • For better: Awakened to Possibility, our point of conscious communion with Life, each of us is self-sufficient in resolving our human-created problems.
  • For worse: Asleep, lost in impossibility, we deceive ourselves, creating an alternate reality aligned with our conditioning – throwing fuel on the fire of our discontent.
  • For better: Influenced directly by Original Thought – i.e. The Realm of Possibility – we create a kinder, more understanding world: a world in which wisdom and common sense prevail.
  • For worse: Influenced by our state of impossibility – i.e., living in the past, experiencing our gift of Life through our accumulation of beliefs, opinions, judgements and knowledge – we create a world of personal and global problems.

Have you noticed that is how we presently function?

And it follows that minds imprisoned in impossibility cannot solve the problems facing humanity.

Conversely, in minds freed to see Possibility, each human-made problem has a solution.

Five questions you might consider:

  1. Have we been deceiving ourselves since the beginning of the human experience?
  2. Have we been living primarily in a state of impossibility, experiencing the limited and limiting form our thinking has taken within our conditioned mind?
  3. Is humanity unconsciously committing self-annihilation in failing to connect directly with Original Thought – with Life, with Possibility – and getting a fresh start?
  4. Are we willing to live in a state influenced by Possibility and directed by Life’s deeper intelligence?
  5. How might your world, the world, look when influenced from that state?

These questions ask that we look within, to see beyond our beliefs, opinions and judgements.

There, within The Realm of Possibility, we connect with Life, and experience a world of unconditional:

  • kindness
  • understanding
  • wisdom
  • and common sense.

These four noble qualities do not diminish or limit us.

On the contrary, having seen into The Realm of Possibility, they embody our capacity to express Life and be our true selves, rather than who we imagine ourselves to be.

Warmly … John

P.S. – For new subscribers, I reprint here 5 of the central pillars of Possibility … our innate state of being.

  • Life: is my best stab at the mysterious source of life-giving Thought. Life is called by many other names: God, Universal Mind, Universal Intelligence, and more. I am agnostic. I hasten to add that from personal insights, there seems to be an unfathomable essence to you and me (and maybe all else) that exists a priori to anything I or you make up about it, which fuels all aspects of my and your life, and possibly the totality of life as you and I know it. I call that mysterious source (if there is one) Life. When experiencing life from a state of Possibility, I feel closest to what I sense as being the fountain … that which I call Life.
  • Kindness: Our heartfelt goodwill and gentleness toward all forms of life become who we are – rather than who we would like to be. Our respect for our fellow humans, all other sentient creatures, all flora, waterways, oceans, the air we breathe and the Earth we till, mine, build on and pave over is unconditional.
  • Understanding: Our openness of mind and heart to all familiar and foreign to us expands to be all-inclusive. We look at every idea, principle, fact and piece of information with an open heart, free from judgement. We look at everyone and everything from that state of genuine understanding – to neither agree nor disagree, but to understand the other’s reality.
  • Wisdom: We see the world through our existing knowledge with the heartfelt kindness and understanding described above and with the genuine common sense described hereunder. It is a state of mind where, as best we can, we take a stand for ‘the common good’.
  • Common sense: This quality does not diminish or negate the power of the preceding three innate human qualities. Instead, like wisdom, our heartfelt common sense keeps us grounded in our kindness and understanding, humankind’s shortcomings notwithstanding.