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Dear Visitor

I wrote these five Letters to a business client and close associate. They are edited for anonymity.  Their inclusion on this website is to provide you with information on what I mean by Possibility …  a state of mind.

The letters may help clarify some of your questions about the source of organisational success or failure at any level – private, government or NGO. They examine what really works and what really matters in our businesses and organisations, and more importantly in our life … living from Possibility.

Some terms and phrases are used repeatedly. If that grates, bear in mind that these letters were pointing in a very specific direction – toward Possibility and away from impossibility. The rigor of my meaning was crucial.

The Five Letters to Michael:

What Really Works and What Really Matters

Creating Sustainable Design in our businesses, organisations and in our life

In seeking to transform our lives, families, communities and organisations, why do we cling to old habits, crumble in the face of old thinking, and keep doing what we have always done in the vain hope for fresh, sustainable outcomes?

Possibility comes from nowhere – out of nothing but the fountain of fresh Thought.


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