A life in service to the common good – a life worth living

 In exploring the relationship, we have with ourself, each other, and with nature, The Realm of Possibility Project’s intention is to foster a happier, healthier, more equitable and sustainable world for all sentient beings.

One contribution is to offer programs both in person and on Zoom. Another is to provide the book Possibility … a state of mind and the book The Business of Possibility … Re-imagining your organisation.

The purpose of these programs and books is to:

  1. Foster an understanding that each of us is creating – from one single moment to the next – our own reality.
  2. Even more, foster an understanding that each of us is responsible for the QUALITY of the Reality we create for ourselves.
  3. Help participants understand that how we experience the world is a direct result of our thinking and not, as much as it may appear to be, what is unfolding out there in the ‘physical’ world.
  4. Recognise that our thinking works for – or against – our own best interests.
  5. Recognise that our own thinking works for – or against – the common good.
  6. See that within each of us exists ‘The Realm of Possibility’ – our birthright.

Upon realising the above, we understand the following:

  • Each of us, until we wake up, lives in a reality of misunderstanding;
  • Upon waking up, we now live a transformed reality;
  • It’s a truly a liberating experience as we begin to understand our previous misunderstanding (of how our mind works).


  • Once stirred, we continue to look within, toward that state of clarity, creativity, simplicity and peace.
  • We appreciate, when influenced by that state of mind, that our core feeling is kindness (love), and we think and act with understanding, wisdom and common sense.
  • We retain our full range of human emotions, but now embrace life’s unpredictable unfolding’s with growing equanimity.

Why is that?

  • We have found our way home.
  • Home is a state of awareness informing us that our feelings reflect our state of mind – either a place of peace and understanding, or alternatively, one of belief, opinion and judgment. The latter is often accompanied by painful thoughts and feelings that inhabit our memory.
  • From that place of understanding, we become increasingly self-aware – and with that awareness – we experience expanding freedom from the prison of our past.
  • We acknowledge to our self (and to others) that two states influence us: Either seeing what is, or seeing life through the distorted illusions of our yesterdays.
  • Those two states, for the sake of simplicity, are named Possibility and impossibility.
  • While acknowledging we move between those two states, our awareness of which state we are in (at each moment) remains constant.

A brief overview:

  • In having a direct experience of Possibility – or from the after-effect of having experienced that state – we are aware that whatever we are thinking and feeling, or how we are behaving, we are the author of that experience.
  • We realise that our experience is not being created ‘out there’ – by them, those, that or it. We understand that we are at cause in our experience.
  • We are aware that we create the reality we see or see and, therefore, we author our experience – good, bad or indifferent.
  • Our awareness comes from the realisation of Possibility and seeing the distinction between it and impossibility.
  • We understand from that first-hand experience that a state of Possibility (or of grace or whatever we name it) exists within us and we recognise its power to transform the way we see and, consequently, live in and relate to the world.


  • We can have an experience of Possibility and remain half-asleep and believe our newfound reality is ‘the truth’, unaware that we have created a new version of impossibility – of belief, opinion and judgement.
  • We have missed grasping the potential of seeing a more profound reality.
  • We remain thinking that what we see, hear, feel, taste and smell – and most importantly, what we now believe – is the ‘truth of the matter’.
  • We have replaced one set of beliefs with another.
  • In our new belief system, no matter what we say about our openness to life, we remain closed. We are a new version of impossibility.
  • We recommence experiencing life through our newfound past, still failing to see what is.

Moving forward, a transformative feeling of love and peace

Possibility, as described here, is a lived experience – not a theory; not a belief system; not a religion.

When in a state of ‘not knowing’, of innocence, of wonder, of simplicity, of love – we transcend our conditioned mind and see it for what it is: an archive from which we recreate and live life from the limitations of our accumulated yesterdays.

In that moment of realisation, we are, in a sense, reborn into a new reality – one imbued by what we have experienced.

We experience a shift, an understanding of the inside-out nature of the way we create our human experience.

After seeing possibility, a new awakening.

To help maintain your newfound sense of innocence and wonder, keep asking yourself these three very important questions:

  1. Have I adopted a new belief system – attributing meaning to my discovery – labelling my breakthrough as being outside of myself; paying homage to a person, deity or entity?
  2. Or have I seen my innate potential – the transformative power of Possibility that exists within all humanity?
  3. Do I now see myself reflected in all others; in nature; in everything?

You are welcome. It’s your birthright.

It’s not an exclusive club we become a part of; it’s a universal reality available to all: the ownership and understanding of which is claimable by no-one.

Discovering within ourselves The Realm of Possibility – and recognising that it’s a power that exists within every one of our fellow humans – is the purpose of the Development Groups and Retreats we offer.

It is the sole purpose of the book Possibility … a state of mind and The Business of Possibility … Re-imaging your organisation.

Indeed, it’s the sole purpose of this article.

Living in the realm of Possibility, we consciously use our innate gifts and talents for mutual benefit and, in that state of awareness, contribute to the common good.

In that self-discovery, we are our most loving – at home, at work and play.

Warmly … John

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