Breaking the shackles; stepping from our conditioned mind into The Realm of Possibility, we see our beliefs.

Recognising them for what they are – the root of separation and division – creating racism, sectarianism, bigotry, and hatred – a minor miracle occurs.

Beliefs, opinions, judgements – all ‘sacred cows’ – are seen for the ball and chain they are – to us individually and to humanity as a whole.

Our past, writ large, we see our knowledge, previous insights and revelations as mere stepping-stones to a deeper understanding of our self.

No longer left-wing, right-wing, centrist, or any shade thereof, we look anew.

Now, without crutches, we stand naked, ordinary, aware of doing the best we can see to do.

Having touched our essence, we look to the common good.

Warmly … John

The Realm of Possibility Project

P.S. The mark of that miracle: If we think ourselves as spiritual, better than, knowing more than, smarter than, kinder than … we realise we are again swimming in the shark-infested waters of our conditioned mind.