Possibility Articles

These articles, essays and letters are designed to help point the reader toward Possibility (and away from impossibility).

Each piece helps flesh out how you and I can live from a fresh view of life, freedom and creativity. They are equally relevant for practitioners, mums and dads, businesspeople and those working in the public sector.

Feel free to print these pages or share the links with others.


It stopped me dead in my tracks. A simple question from my wife: “Do you love me?” Justifying my love, I said something like: “Of course, look at what I do for you… Doesn’t that show how much I love… Read More

Letter to John

With his permission, I share with you a letter written in 2003 to my son, John. He was the founder and CEO of National Lifestyle Villages, an organisation based in Western Australia. The point of writing it back then was, and in sharing it with you today is, to provide… Read More

Five Letters to Michael

I wrote these five Letters to a business client and close associate. They are edited for anonymity.  Their inclusion on this website is to provide you with information on what I mean by Possibility …  a state of mind. The letters may help clarify some of your questions about the… Read More

Vertical Inquiry

Insight is the gateway to transforming your life and everything in it. ‘Vertical inquiry’ is a form of gentle questioning intended to take a client or workshop attendee beyond their conditioning, to experience a mental stillness and an opening of their access to Possibility. The purpose… Read More