Possibility Articles

This series of articles, essays and letters are designed to help point the reader in the direction of Possibility (and away from impossibility).
Each article fleshes out how you and I can live from a fresh view of life, freedom and creativity. They are equally relevant for practitioners, mum and dad, business people and those working in the public sector.
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CAN A FINER INTENTION EXIST? With good intention, our life stands for more than one – may be a lot more. Our intentions enable us to deliver the promises we make to ourselves and to others. Intention represents our commitment to how we show up in the world. IT’S TIME… Read More


A life in service to the common good – a life worth living  In exploring the relationship, we have with ourself, each other, and with nature, The Realm of Possibility Project’s intention is to foster a happier, healthier, more equitable and sustainable world for all sentient… Read More


Breaking the shackles; stepping from our conditioned mind into The Realm of Possibility, we see our beliefs. Recognising them for what they are – the root of separation and division – creating racism, sectarianism, bigotry, and hatred – a minor miracle occurs. Beliefs, opinions, judgements – all ‘sacred cows’ – are seen for the… Read More


(With acknowledgement to ‘The Who’ and their song, composed in 1978) WE ARE NOT WHO WE THINK WE ARE! NOR ARE OTHERS WHO WE THINK THEY ARE! Really? What about that ‘idiot’ who cuts in front of us? What about the mother-in-law who insists on running… Read More

For Better or Worse we Create our Relationships

WHEN YOU TRULY SEE THIS, YOU’LL ENJOY A FRESH START In understanding this essay, and I don’t mean intellectually, but rather at your core, you will have already transformed your relationships: the good ones, the troubled ones, even the terrible ones – all of them. You… Read More

Heaven and Hell on Earth

THE CREATORS OF HEAVEN AND HELL The world watched the US news bulletins this week. What was your experience? This was mine. All the people I saw on the TV news – those police officers who committed the murderous act, the victim, the grieving family and friends, the furious crowds, the… Read More

Can our democracy work?

Hi John. Can any country be free if the people remain in bondage to their thinking – or can I understand democracy if I am not democratic, and can I ever be democratic if I stay in bondage to my thinking? Kind regards, Eamonn. Read More

Malcolm and Possibility

Hi John, I have read your articles about the Corona Virus. I think what we have had is a jolt against normality that will have economic, psychological and other repercussions for many years, most of which we can’t see at the moment. I hope that we do start seeing things… Read More


‘STONE WALLS DO NOT A PRISON MAKE, NOR IRON BARS A CAGE’ Richard Lovelace, 1642 A railway line that once carried passengers and freight across The Darling Range in Western Australia was suddenly closed mid-last century. Today, as an unintended blessing from that distant, questionable decision,… Read More


Can you touch hearts and minds by listening? We see to the heart of the matter when we genuinely listen to another. Listening in this way has everything to do with the other, and nothing to do with the other. It has everything to do with us,… Read More